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Request Funding
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Request Funding

Fenchurch Legal’s team aims to deliver quick funding decisions and a responsive, open relationship with law firms throughout the life of a case or portfolio of cases. We purposely have tried to make the process of accessing funding straightforward to allow you to spend your time on what you do best.




  Initial Review

As a first step, we will provide you with an overview of the funding solutions we offer, and undertake a very brief assessment of your firm, to make sure the terms make commercial sense for everyone involved.

  Onboarding & Due Diligence

Assuming both parties wish to progress, we will carry out our due diligence. Strict lending decisions are made based on company history, financial strength and turnover claim history. Openness and transparency are key to this part of the process.

  Credit Facility

Once our due diligence is complete, and assuming you meet our key criteria, we will offer you a credit facility which is determined from the risk assessment carried out as part of onboarding procedures. This will be regularly reviewed and monitored by our team.

  Credit Facility

Upon approval of the facility, and after execution of the finance documents, we can schedule weekly or monthly drawdowns to suit your business model and caseload